WhoopingCrane manuver

27 06 2011



27 06 2011

Flower blossom in Monobe mountain to celebrate spring.

I have not known yet the name of this flower. Anyone can help ? Arigatou 🙂

Branch canopy

27 06 2011

Kochi Prefecture is surrounded by mountainous topographic. Monobe hills is in the border with Tokushima Prefecture. In the early spring, we can breathe fresh air in here under the trees cannopy, arround Monobe hills, Kochi, Japan.

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Outdoor bulb

8 03 2011

At the edge of winter 2011. I hope my outdoor bulb will soon light-up again the greenly garden in coming spring 🙂


Umajimura Village

8 03 2011

(1) Umajimura view at a main bridge in the village.

Umajimura (馬路村) is a small village in Aki City, Kochi, Japan. In a fresh-air high land, it is covered with about 76% of forrest. The population is not more than 1.100 people. Live in peace. [click image to enlarge]

(2) Umajimura top view from a height


22 05 2010

The Kochi Jyo is standing firm, accompanied by pinky Sakura. They are realizing a harmonic couple, in Sakura Festival at Kochi castle. [click image to enlarge]

spa get i

22 04 2010

おいしそうなスパゲッチですね!。。。。はい、そうです。 Made in Tosayamada (Translate : how tasty the spaghetti looks like!…yes it is; )  [click image to enlarge]