Muroto Cape

9 03 2011

Located at 33.247224N and 134.1758E, Muroto Cape has a light house that can turn around in 180 degrees. It also has the biggest reflecting lens in all Japan. In the other place, this kind of light houses have been replaced with the new type. Remains this one, it is a special light house. [click image to enlarge]


Muroto Geopark

9 03 2011

It will be interesting for ones who are intense in geology, biology, geophysics, paleontology, geomorphology, energy conservation and conversing energy; as well as who loves nature, hiking, sport, and off-road bike-riding; For those who loves family and…who are in romance also welcome. [click image to enlarge]

Floating walker

9 03 2011

There are two caves in Muroto Geopark area : Mikurodo-kutsu and Shinmei-kutsu. Both are uplifted sea caves. Some visitors are leaving from the inside part of Mikurodo-kutsu cave under the sunlight. They are floating !….

[click image to enlarge]

Ashizuri cape

4 04 2010

Ashizuri cape is one of two main capes in Kochi Perfecture, where the position is around 32.725976 oN and 133.020765 oW. It is directly facing the Pacific Ocean. Around this area, there are several points that people can enjoy whale-watching. [click image to enlarge]

Ashizuri rock

4 04 2010

In Ashizuri cape, huge rock formation is laid. They protrude from the beach line. As it will be a paradise for geologist to have research here, for every one’s eyes and heart will also be astonished. In map (satellite) , it can be seen clearly at 32.730456oN and 132.983404oW.