Saving mountain forest

27 06 2011

     Groups of deer (シカ) live in this mountain area. A line of mountainous highland, in Monobe village, Kochi  Prefecture. Every year this group of volunteer perform a green project to save mountain forest from target of the deer.

Working and rest

Second briefing, 2 km towards project location



21 04 2010

cheerful…yattaaa !!   [click image to enlarge]

ミュウ = kucing = cat

21 04 2010

[click image to enlarge]


11 04 2010

In this spring, it’s a complete color : green, purple, brown, white, blue, red…   [click image to enlarge]


11 04 2010


Flowers are decorating a garden, companying a pond at the right side. Some kind of flowers appear in to cheer the spring. [click image to enlarge]

my friend, Dang

7 04 2010

He is a Vietnamese, who takes PhD program for nano-science. [click image to enlarge]

ikura desuka?

7 04 2010

A women is serving some customers for her bicycle. The new bicycles are  for new university students who start their study in KUT this semester. [click image to enlarge]