Muroto Geopark

9 03 2011

It will be interesting for ones who are intense in geology, biology, geophysics, paleontology, geomorphology, energy conservation and conversing energy; as well as who loves nature, hiking, sport, and off-road bike-riding; For those who loves family and…who are in romance also welcome. [click image to enlarge]


bamboo doom

2 05 2010

The bamboo doom (take doom/竹 ドーム) is one of the 2 incredible inventions as long as I know about bamboo (another one is developed by my friend Andry WidyoWijatnoko). This is combining a structural engineering, architectural design, and local indigenous, plus working hard. This bamboo doom is installed in Inonohama beach, Kuroshio city, Kochi Perfecture. [click image to enlarge]


2 05 2010

Collaboration team in building bamboo doom : Japanese, Indonesian and Thai…. what an interesting experience !

[click image to enlarge]

black surfer

30 04 2010

A surfer is walking on Irinonohama beach, at Kuroshio city, Kochi Perfecture. Today the weather is very friendly for surfers, after one day raining on the previous day. [click image to enlarge]

dad and son

30 04 2010

“My son, I’ll guide you to face this wild life”…..a father and his son in a surfing guide session. [click image to enlarge]


30 04 2010

A man is surfing in a good weather and wave. The location is about 33.019985 N and 133.015409W, in Kuroshio city, Kochi Perfecture. Here is one of the best surfing spot in Kochi. [click image to enlarge]