Branch canopy

27 06 2011

Kochi Prefecture is surrounded by mountainous topographic. Monobe hills is in the border with Tokushima Prefecture. In the early spring, we can breathe fresh air in here under the trees cannopy, arround Monobe hills, Kochi, Japan.

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Floating walker

9 03 2011

There are two caves in Muroto Geopark area : Mikurodo-kutsu and Shinmei-kutsu. Both are uplifted sea caves. Some visitors are leaving from the inside part of Mikurodo-kutsu cave under the sunlight. They are floating !….

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Umaji Onsen

8 03 2011

In Umajimura, there is a famous Umaji onsen (hot spring water). There are also some rooms for rent as complementary of this onsen. Unforgettable Umajimura…   [click image to enlarge]


22 05 2010

The Kochi Jyo is standing firm, accompanied by pinky Sakura. They are realizing a harmonic couple, in Sakura Festival at Kochi castle. [click image to enlarge]

kissed by a fish

22 05 2010

Kissed by a fish, in an under-sea observation deck at Ashizuri cape. The deck is about 10 meters under sea-surface, where we can enjoy observing the sea-bed. The sea water is clean enough to catch many kind of beautiful creatures. Thank you for my friend Qian Qian, for your kindness 🙂 [click image to enlarge]

bamboo doom

2 05 2010

The bamboo doom (take doom/竹 ドーム) is one of the 2 incredible inventions as long as I know about bamboo (another one is developed by my friend Andry WidyoWijatnoko). This is combining a structural engineering, architectural design, and local indigenous, plus working hard. This bamboo doom is installed in Inonohama beach, Kuroshio city, Kochi Perfecture. [click image to enlarge]

dad and son

30 04 2010

“My son, I’ll guide you to face this wild life”…..a father and his son in a surfing guide session. [click image to enlarge]