looking for itadori

21 04 2010

Obaachang is looking for itadori (いたどり), a delicious wild-plantation. I’ll show the picture of itadori later 🙂  [click image to enlarge]


Iya chan’s flower

21 04 2010

Iya chan creates this decoration flower. The flowers are taken from our front yard. [click image to enlarge]

I want to drink!

2 04 2010

Okaasan (mama) ! I want to drink. Is this one the valve for drinking water?


2 04 2010

Nawatobi is a Japanese traditional game. A children playing with rope, and sometimes they do a complicated moving with that rope.

ice-cream girl

1 04 2010

In the last of March, schools are in their vacation, cherry blossom is coming and it means : festival. A girl is helping her parents to sell ice cream.

wind -mill

31 03 2010


Iya chan’s wind-mill, made from plastic drink bottle. The additional color gives it eye-catching when it is rotating.