Nine years ago

2 05 2018

My little girl was heading to her Japanese Elementary School with her friend. What a lovely memory.


Dilla chan’s cake

22 04 2010

Dilla chan’s 2nd birthday. Her parents made special Indonesian celebrating rice, called Nasi Kuning. これも おいしいだった。[click image to enlarge]


21 04 2010

cheerful…yattaaa !!   [click image to enlarge]

Iya chan’s flower

21 04 2010

Iya chan creates this decoration flower. The flowers are taken from our front yard. [click image to enlarge]

my friend, Dang

7 04 2010

He is a Vietnamese, who takes PhD program for nano-science. [click image to enlarge]

grilled octopus

2 04 2010

Octopus (ika) is also one of Japanese favorite food. A girl is tasting her friend’s grilled octopus (ikayaki). Each for ¥200.

I want to drink!

2 04 2010

Okaasan (mama) ! I want to drink. Is this one the valve for drinking water?