27 06 2011

Flower blossom in Monobe mountain to celebrate spring.

I have not known yet the name of this flower. Anyone can help ? Arigatou 🙂


kuroba under the sun

12 05 2010

Flower of kuroba, burnt under the sun…leaves of kuroba, hiding from the sun. [click image to enlarge]

pentagon is here

19 04 2010

This flower is growing wild in my front yard. Then, I plant it in a flower pot. It continues to grow, beautiful…the pentagon is here. [click image to enlarge]

maximum exposure

11 04 2010

April 11, sakura has reached its last blossom stage, maximum exposure. Flowers are accompanied by greeny leafes. Then today, the petals are aparting from Sakura peditel. [click image to enlarge]


11 04 2010

In this spring, it’s a complete color : green, purple, brown, white, blue, red…   [click image to enlarge]


11 04 2010


Flowers are decorating a garden, companying a pond at the right side. Some kind of flowers appear in to cheer the spring. [click image to enlarge]

57-deg. flower

7 04 2010

[click image to enlarge]