Saving mountain forest

27 06 2011

     Groups of deer (シカ) live in this mountain area. A line of mountainous highland, in Monobe village, Kochi  Prefecture. Every year this group of volunteer perform a green project to save mountain forest from target of the deer.

Working and rest

Second briefing, 2 km towards project location


Umajimura Village

8 03 2011

(1) Umajimura view at a main bridge in the village.

Umajimura (馬路村) is a small village in Aki City, Kochi, Japan. In a fresh-air high land, it is covered with about 76% of forrest. The population is not more than 1.100 people. Live in peace. [click image to enlarge]

(2) Umajimura top view from a height

lunch for two

9 08 2010

a woman is having her lunch, accompanied by her shadow… in a daily busy-day in Tokyo [click image to enlarge]

peace on earth

12 05 2010

A hope for peace, hopefully really spread on the earth.

[click image to enlarge]

spa get i

22 04 2010

おいしそうなスパゲッチですね!。。。。はい、そうです。 Made in Tosayamada (Translate : how tasty the spaghetti looks like!…yes it is; )  [click image to enlarge]

looking for itadori

21 04 2010

Obaachang is looking for itadori (いたどり), a delicious wild-plantation. I’ll show the picture of itadori later 🙂  [click image to enlarge]

membajak sawah

19 04 2010

We can see this scenery all over Japan, where people are preparing their rice field. It’s time to plow the rice field ! ….Ups…the whooping cranes come around to find some dishes. [click image to enlarge]