Saving mountain forest

27 06 2011

     Groups of deer (シカ) live in this mountain area. A line of mountainous highland, in Monobe village, Kochi  Prefecture. Every year this group of volunteer perform a green project to save mountain forest from target of the deer.

Working and rest

Second briefing, 2 km towards project location




5 responses

25 08 2011

photonya buagus-buagus, salam dari Indonesia

4 09 2011

arigatou brothers… 🙂 hopefully we can also realize such kind of environmental activities in Indonesia

28 09 2011
stella joy

We have been working on a project for saving Earths’ mountain forests.
We hope it can help you
We’d love to hear from you
Stella Joy

23 11 2011

Hi Stella Joy, I admire on what you have done in this matter. It is a great one. What can we consider as “a preliminary cooperation” for good relationship ? 🙂 thanks.

8 12 2011
Ai Siti Munawaroh

some day, I hope follow your way…
make a journey and visit anywhere that u visited…
Mungkin suatu saat jepang yg menginginkan sy dtg ke sna…hihi
wlwpn saat ini msh sy yg mnginginkan bs dtg k jpng…:(

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