Nine years ago

2 05 2018

My little girl was heading to her Japanese Elementary School with her friend. What a lovely memory.


Beautiful Tamano beach

29 06 2011

Located at  34.45N and 133.90E, Shibukawa beach in Tamano City, Okayama gives us an elegant view, where from this site we can see flying pigeons and boats. Nevertheless a special one is the view of Seto Bridge, one of the main bridge that connects Shikoku Island and Honshu Island.

A couple of pigeon .

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WhoopingCrane manuver

27 06 2011


Saving mountain forest

27 06 2011

     Groups of deer (シカ) live in this mountain area. A line of mountainous highland, in Monobe village, Kochi  Prefecture. Every year this group of volunteer perform a green project to save mountain forest from target of the deer.

Working and rest

Second briefing, 2 km towards project location

27 06 2011

Flower blossom in Monobe mountain to celebrate spring.

I have not known yet the name of this flower. Anyone can help ? Arigatou 🙂

Branch canopy

27 06 2011

Kochi Prefecture is surrounded by mountainous topographic. Monobe hills is in the border with Tokushima Prefecture. In the early spring, we can breathe fresh air in here under the trees cannopy, arround Monobe hills, Kochi, Japan.

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a Morning in Incheon

9 03 2011

Early in the morning at a corner in Incheon International Airport, Seoul.

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